Design for Design Sake



Design for The Sake of Design

Much of what passes for advertising and marketing in small business has changed in recent years, and despite promises of huge gains from internet advertising schemes, a lot of small operations are returning to fundamentals. How do the in store signs look?  Do we have a marketing approach that can stand up to the corporate competition in Boston? Many of these questions are more easily answered with a fundamental designed approach to your marketing- the kind of approach big advertising firms charge big bucks for.


But consider starting your marketing strategy with a few subtle design make overs rather than diving deep into expensive advertising costs. This is what Invisible Café Advertising and Graphics can do for you: create a solid brand identity that comes from smart thinking instead of trying to put lipstick on a pig. Design should be fun, personal, and affordable- but good design requires solid creative copy in advance to creating your identity, branding, and collateral. You can tell the difference when you go to your favorite local restaurant.  Often, the food is great, and you like the owner, but when you look at the menu design, you think, why do they have to have such crummy graphics?


Small businesses are on tight budgets, so they can’t afford design for design sake- they need to see results. Think small, creative, and resourceful when you decide on enhancing your brand.


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