Print for Design Sake


Print graphic design should be fun and interesting! This is especially true if you are a small business or arts organization. People want instant results, but establishing an identity that will stand the test of time isn’t something to rush into without consulting someone with branding and design experience.  

Large marketing firms often have a segmented workflow, where the client is reaching from account representatives to creatives to manage their branding assets.  This is fine for large companies, but what about the small business or arts organization?

Many small businesses think that their marketing presence is sufficient, but when this kind of work is less than creative, the client knows the difference. The result is often a loss of participation and market share.

Creating a print identity with matching business cards, collateral, and signing is the beginning for most small businesses, but the important thing to remember is to create a holistic platform.

Consider starting your marketing strategy with a few subtle design make overs rather than diving deep into expensive advertising costs. This is what Invisible Café Advertising and Graphics can do for you: create a solid brand identity that comes from smart thinking instead of trying to operate piecemeal.

The secret sauce here is we view your marketing and advertising holistically to give you a real shot at competing with corporations by showcasing your unique profile. Think small, creative, and resourceful when you decide on enhancing your brand.  You can see a variety of design and writing creations by Invisible Cafe Graphics by viewing my portfolio here: