If you have ever had to prepare a performance print program while trying to get your production into final rehearsals, you know what kind of a burden it is upon your company.  Of course if you are the Artistic Director of one of the premier companies who have in house publicity and marketing staff this isn’t a problem.

But what about the rest of small arts organizations?  Who will shoot the photography, design the program, deal with the printer, and probably most importantly: where do you find the budget to create a nice program?  Are you beyond frustrated and overwhelmed after this past fall / winter arts season?  Relax. Spring is coming. It is time to innovate.

This is what the Encore Performing Arts program is all about.

Free Is Wonderful

Invisible Cafe Graphics is preparing a client list of dance, music, and theater companies who will utilize the Encore program.  In essence, when  a company joins a host of others who cross advertise via performance programs sponsored by local businesses, their program print and design services are free.

The result: professional looking high quality print programs for your performances that also advertise your performances at other member theaters every time someone opens a program. This program is a limited pilot program to be utilized by theater arts companies and businesses who cannot afford more expensive program services.

We are focusing upon small theater and dance companies, and hope to have a full profile up by the fall of 2017.  We are interested in how much you dole out each year for your printed programs alone, and if you think you are putting your company on the Encore map.

If you are a local theater or dance company, don’t hesitate to contact us regarding programs for your performances.