You’ve reached the home blog of Invisible Cafe Graphics, Boston.

Graphic design for print has been an interest of mine for the past ten years, and I’ve created logos, identities, programs, menus and other print documents for a variety of organizations.  The concept behind Invisible Cafe Graphics is a graphic design firm that specializes in creating graphics for small arts organizations that can also provide copywriting and editing skills, designers will normally not offer.  Think of Invisible Cafe Graphics as a small advertising agency that you can afford.

This is the blog that will precede the full blown graphic design site that will allow me to communicate and outreach to individuals who share common interest.  At some point I’ll put up some before and after designs for small arts groups, but for now I’m focused on exploring the market for this kind of design.  The Boston arts scene has never been more crowded with new performing arts companies, many of which provide special cultural value to the city, but these organizations are strapped for cash, and definitely need help in the area of promotion.

One of the main problems with creating services for small performing arts companies is convincing them that their graphic identity is really important to the success of their productions.  Most small theater and dance groups in Boston invent the wheel every time they create a program.  Invisible Cafe Graphics is interested in creating a playbill program for small arts groups in Boston, that will also serve to connect small arts groups and share resources. So welcome to the  Invisible Cafe blog.  See the Encore Performing Arts Program page for details about a the Boston area Encore playbill program.