Dream Cafe


Let’s say you started selling delicious artisan breads and pastries that you baked in your house. Now you are ready for the big time.  You are going to open a bakery cafe. What to call your new cafe? How about Harriet’s Bakery, your Uncle Jim politely recommends…

But Harriet is a fine baker who doesn’t want her face plastered all over the place.  Now in the middle of the build, you decide that the cafe will sell sandwiches,  and you want a name for the cafe that is memorable, something that has a nice image that will go with your catering business.

You have to live with this name and image for a long time.  It better be good. Maybe Uncle Jim isn’t the one to ask about this.

You need an image, something memorable.  It’s all confusing.  So Invisible Cafe Graphics steps in…  “You know: your shop is near the park where those pretty swans are swimming.”  How about…

Now you are delivering your artisan pastries with catered goods in packaging with that pretty Swan!

Boston Paper Bag Initiative Opens Print Advertising Door for Small  Business

You may have heard that Boston is finally going to slam the door on wasteful plastic bags for retail establishments.  Now is the perfect time to upgrade your logo and have it print ready to advertise your shop throughout the city.  Are you still handing your product over in generic plastic bags?  Give me a break.

People remember print. It isn’t just a flash on a tiny screen, it gets seen in public! We can design a series of collateral that will match your company identity and let your company be seen on the street!  Try that at a web design advertising company! Contact us for a free consultation.