Welcome to the Passport Career Development Workshop. 

“Work is never only a job, but an opportunity to serve the greater world.  It does not matter how humble you believe your position in life; we can all be empowered to make the world better.”

Welcome to Passport. This is a painless career development course dedicated to teaching research and writing skills to advance young careers.  Through a unique course we’ve created a system that is simple for you to implement, that brings your students to a whole new level of accomplishment. Why does this work?

Students struggle with information literacy skills they need to find employment because frankly, traditional information literacy  library presentations bore them. Passport replaces the traditional pedagogical method with an exciting new approach that prepares them for the world of work, simultaneously taking them through information literacy training on their own terms.

For younger students trying to fast track from secondary school to college, using information literacy to promote career discovery enhances critical skills, self-esteem, and the ability to create a personal game plan. The question is: how is the Passport system different from current practices?

The major premise of this course is to present a career advancement model based upon self- actualization to be used with a unique hybrid environment to leverage information literacy skills of the students during their quest for employment. Passport includes its own physical course package, and career development text: Passport: The Authentic Quest for Your Dream Career. The approach is based upon a number of well-known learning models, augmented by a powerful shot of unorthodox creativity.

The process of self-evaluation and actualization is combined with structured training in information literacy to create an exciting new platform that you control.  It might be said that the learning curve for this work is a creative modality not normally asked of academic instructors. This is a very unique hybrid process that relies upon a dedicated work flow designed to captivate young minds.  The structure and materials that take students from an information literacy desert to the promised land are all custom created for you.

The transaction that takes place between student and instructor appears simple and easy to navigate, the underlying work behind this workshop is an out of the box eye opener for educators who want to bring students with learning challenges into the primary stages of career development.

The end result is to assist students in finding employment, but this program also distinguishes itself by focusing upon methods of personal development within a creative modality that carefully plot out a realistic progression for entering the workplace.  For young students this means they imagine themselves in the real working world and discover their hidden talents.

This is a truly hybrid program that spreads the learning process out among participants, utilizing powerful communication tools. Librarians and teachers share a process in this workshop with career development staff to create a whole new methodology that students recognize as innovative and creative.

In short Passport is not a traditional workshop, but a new pathway for your students to accelerate their learning curve to find valued first time employment positions. Interested?  Take a look at the book outline to get a feeling for the program, and let us know what your think.




Passport: The Authentic Quest for Your Dream Career

Writing the career development text Passport: The Authentic Quest for Your Dream Career, was a process started by creating an interactive workshop. The workshop almost follows the book chapters listed below. Although it is customized for each educational setting.

During the learning process instructors assign the reading of each chapter to the students outside the class.  The progress of the workshop is actually a flipped learning approach.  There is little or no lecturing in this workshop- it is all hands on experience, focused upon the student’s creation of an identity and portfolios.

At the end of each chapter is a preparation sheet to be filled out before coming to the next session, so with younger students you are assured that they’ve read the material.

Passport: The Authentic Quest for Your Dream Career.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Who is this book for?

Self-Actualization and the Quest

Beyond Growing Up: New Mind Sets

Your Script, Your Drama, Your Value

Creating Your Employment Avatar

Authenticity: Discovering Your Full Persona

Research The Employment / Internship Landscape

Finding the Ideal Mentor

Inculcating the Working Mentor Within

Evaluating Profession Development Scenarios

Applying Your Avatar to Your Persona with Deep Neural Learning

Retooling and Timing to Meet Opportunities

Leveraging Technology Fast to Advance Your Quest

Beyond Human Resources: Avoid the Networking Infinity Spiral

Presence of Mind: The Interview

Rejection!  Repeat After Me: It’s Not My Fault, It’s Not My Fault

Negotiating for More Plausible Outcomes

Reality Clock Check for Occupational Growth

Continuing the Quest for Other Lifetime Benefits

For the Time Capsule