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You’ve reached Invisible Cafe Writing & Graphics, the arts and educational blog for Richard Campbell of Boston Massachusetts.

The intersection of educational writing and graphic design has been a passion of my career. I’ve created copy writing, identities, programs, graphics, and other marketing documents for multiple organizations over the past decade.

During the same time period I observed the increasing pressure upon students to accelerate their job application skills online. Students applying for work need individualized technical communications skills, and information literacy training. The role of creative writing and design in marketing creative careers is significant.

The sheer speed of technological changes in both the fields of education and publishing has exerted time management pressure upon the product development in education. The expectation upon individuals in educational organizations to create and drive whole new platforms is greater than ever before. Don’t panic! Invisible Cafe Writing and Design can help your organization blaze a new marketing path.

The majority of training resources I provide are workshops tailored for students and professors, but the marketing skill sets and discoveries could apply for creative organizations as well. My work is primarily engaged in writing, but graphic design is often a critical component of document delivery. In short, think of Invisible Cafe as your personal advertising firm.

You can see some examples of design on my Adobe Behance website here:

Invisible Cafe provides consultancy for organizations wishing to upgrade or create identities, advertising and marketing assistance, and creative career workshops for educational institutions. If you are interested in information literacy workshops, check out the Passport Program. If you are a creative director looking for program advertising, the newly developed Encore program may answer your needs.

Welcome to the Invisible Cafe blog!


Richard Campbell

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One thought on “Invisible Cafe Writing & Graphics

  1. We published the Passport Workshop outline for groups interested in advanced training in resume writing, job research, and portfolio development. This course is designed for first year undergraduate students, though it has been used to train people re-entering the workforce.

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