Small is beautiful.

You’ve reached Invisible Cafe Advertising, the one stop graphic arts and creative services studio in Boston Massachusetts.

Creative design usually starts with a meeting over a cup of coffee, and in some respects a good designer is invisible, because his or her work speaks for itself, and focuses upon the client.  Think of invisible cafe as an imaginary place, a place where creative scenarios are born.  The alchemy of creative concepts married to graphic design to create highly individualized advertising is what we provide.

The intersection of writing and graphic design is our passion. The principal difference between Invisible Cafe and a logo house, or web design company is that we create identities for small businesses.  Identities? Isn’t that something that big advertising firms do? We thought you’d never ask.

We are a one stop advertising firm that you can afford, because we utilize local artists selectively on a project basis, who are devoted to frugal creativity without pretension. We specialize in  creating new identities, advertising, and marketing materials for small businesses and creatives because we believe they deserve to compete with corporations. We don’t want you to give up your soul to become one of them, but we want your enterprise to have a competitive advantage.

We are decidedly old world in some respects. We are more interested in print advertising than web design, and love small creative companies.  We love upgrading identities for small businesses in Boston who never thought they could afford to gain the market share of their corporate competition.  Yes, we handle print graphic design from custom sale signs for retail, to menus, business cards, and mailers. For small retailers we can help you integrate your identity with the client’s signing, sales collateral, and specialized graphics.  Now, try that at a website advertising company!

If you are want to generate market interest in your small business for reasonable rates, we’ll be happy to meet you for a cup of coffee!

Welcome to the Invisible Cafe!


Richard Campbell,

Creative Director, Invisible Cafe Advertising

Adobe Creative Portfolio:

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